Kick Start Therapy is the brainchild of Seema Shah, a Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist in pursuit of appropriate intervention for those who live with speech related challenges. Seema has over 12 years experience and strongly believes that the ability to communicate is fundamental in connecting people with the world around them hence early intervention plays a key role in child development.  According to modern research the rate of human learning and development is most critical in the preschool years therefore timely intervention is crucial.

If a child fails to maximize learning opportunities during the formative years it may be difficult to learn particular skills in later life. Karnes and Lee (1978) noted that “only through early identification and appropriate programming can children develop their potential”.

Seema’s inspiration comes from the people she works with and enjoys celebrating their success. She has extensive experience with preschool, school age and adults in areas of stuttering, language development, articulation, autism, apraxia, feeding and voice.  She is certified in PROMPT level 1, PECS, Hanen certified programs (It takes two to talk, Moran than Words and Target Words).  In addition, Seema is multilingual and communicates in English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati.

Seema takes immense pleasure in finding creative ways to make therapy fun for both kids and practical for adults.  She is also passionate about providing access to speech and audiology services to families in developing countries by running camps in rural areas.