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About Kick Start Therapy

Seema Shah is the passionate founder of Kick Start Therapy, a pediatric speech therapy practice in Southern Ontario. She is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist and has completed her education at the University of Mumbai, India. It was her elder brother who inspired and guided her to become a speech-language pathologist knowing her core personalities as a compassionate, caring, and giving person.

Before Seema opened her own private practice in 2009, she worked for over 10 years at various organizations, such as Preschool Speech and Language Initiatives in the York Region, Erinoakkids, and at school health support services. She specializes in working with children of all ages and their families by teaching caregivers’ strategies for language stimulation through play and everyday routines.

Seema is grateful to be able to work with children and have an impact that will change their lives in an everlasting way. She believes all children can learn, and that it is important to set challenging but achievable goals to not underestimate their potential. Seema Shah and her team provide ingenious and evidence-based therapies to help your loved ones succeed in their speech therapy needs.

When Seema is not busy at work administrating services to her valued patients through Kick Start, she is providing care to the needy disabled through Krish Hope Rehabilitation Services, an NGO she has opened to help the community thrive. These memorable experiences have given her the skills and techniques to open her own successful clinic which provides culturally sensitive services to people of all ages.


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Kick Start Therapy provides individualized therapy services using our multidisciplinary team, which consists of Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavioural Consultants, ABA therapists, Occupational Therapists and many more rehabilitation therapists.

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Seema Shah

Director, Reg. CASLPO, Speech-Language Pathologist

Archana Rajan

Reg. CASLPO, Speech-Language Pathologist

Lalsa Perepa

Reg. CASLPO, Audiologist

Farida Kamran

Occupational Therapist